Copper Pipe Protection Tape

Copper Pipe Protection Tape

XUNDA TAPE is mainly engaged in five series of products: inner belt, outer belt, joint tape, tape primer and more than 10 categories of tapes nearly 100 specifications. They can be used for anti-corrosion of steel pipes on various pipes in petroleum, petrochemical, city gas, oil and gas storage, power, water supply, metallurgy, civil aviation and other facilities.

Product Details


1.1 Inner belt: (corrosion tape, Pipe Anticorrosion Tape) for the corrosion of underground, underwater and overhead pipelines.


1.2 Outer band: (Protective band,Pipe Mechanical Protection Tape) Used to protect pipes and inner belt surfaces from damage.

1.3 joint tape: (polyethylene tape,  PE tape, rubber tape, butyl tape, butyl rubber tape) for the field joints, pipe fittings, in particular the anti-corrosion pipe. Composition: 

Backing: Polyethylene PE and Adhesive: Butyl Rubber

Composition: Backing: Polyethylene PE and Adhesive: Butyl Rubber

Thickness: 0.38mm to 1.27mm,

Width: 900 mm

Length: 30 to 300mDetails:

Polyethylene PE tape for surface treatment, surface coating, surface protection.

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