Wrapping Polyethylene Tape

Wrapping Polyethylene Tape

The outer wrap tape can be used in the construction conveniently with safety and no pollution The outer wrap tape is widely applied in many areas with high efficiency.

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Wrapping polyethylene tape XUNDA T 200 series outer wrap tape is produced through extruding the composite anticorrosion materials. The adhesive layer is attached to the polyethylene film backing through thermal compounding. The anticorrosion system is comprised of primer, anticorrosion adhesive tape (inner tape) and protective tape (outer tape)

The outer wrap tape always called Mechanical tape,outer tape,outer wrap tape,outer layer tape,outerwrap tape.The backing is more thicker with a few adhesive .The color is White.


The XUNDA-T200 series is Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines. The outer-layer tape backing shall be compounded so that it will be resistance to outdoor weathering.

It also provide protection to the inner layer from damage during storage, transportation, installation and throughout the lifetime of the pipeline

Features & Benefits

1.Featuring excellent insulativity

2.Resistant to UV

3.Easily applied with no special equipment

4.Compatible with common pipe coatings

5.Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding

6.Good Mechanical protective effect

7.High mechanical strength

8.Small water absorption

9.Long service lifetime

10.Good resistance to impact and ageing

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