XUNDA T100& T200 Pipeline Coating System

- Jun 30, 2018 -

XUNDA T100& T200 Pipeline Coating System

System Description

The Xunda anti-corrosion tape T100, mechanical protection tape T200 is a multilayer system used for the corrosion protection of oil ,gas ,and water underground or aboveground steel pipeline. T100 &T200 consist of two layers, the butyl rubber adhesive laminated on the polyethylene film backing. The T100 can be used as inner tape, T200 can be used as outer tape.

Xunda liquid adhesive can be used as primer for this system. The liquid adhesive represent an anti-corrosion layer and provide a uniformly smooth contact surface to promote high adhesion of the coating system to the pipe.

The anti-corrosion tape assures a high bond to the primed surface with excellent conformability. The mechanical protection tape achieves a complete bond to the anti-corrosion tape.

The system can be applied by hand or with a wrapping machine.

System Features

  • Cold applied without special equipment.

  • Resistant to soil stress

  • Excellent adhesion to primed pipe and itself.

  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range.

  • Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness.

  • Compatible with common pipe coatings.

  • Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment.

  • Long term in-ground performance

  • Meets ASTM D 1000 、EN 12068、AWWA C214、

  • 、DIN 30672 and other international standards.

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