New Type Manual Applied Tape Wrapping Machine

- May 04, 2017 -

New type manual applied tape wrapping machine

Xunda had developed the new type manual applied tape wrapping machine, the operating manual of the new tape wrapping machine.

QC- Series Wrapping Machine Operating Instruction

1.Scope of Application

QC-series wrapping machine is designed for wrapping the buried pipe with cold applied tape. The standard width is 230mm.

2.Structure Introduction and Function Principle

1).Frame: The main structure for bearing the body machine

Roller: Adjusting the balance of the cold applied tape. Combination with the roller releaser to realizing non wrinkle ,non bubble of the cold applied tape.

Adjusting the wrapping tension of the cold applied. The roller and steerable wheel work together can keep the tape balance ,adjusting the elongation of the tape.(Tension adjuster can change the tension of the tape)

Steerable wheel: Stable the frame, adjusting the tape lapping width, compressing the wrapped tape by the wrapping tape, to increase the adhesion of the tape and the pipe ,and without bubble.

3.Installation and Operation

Clean the pipe , brush the primer ,then wrapping the tape.

Installation: Open the trigger pin to separate wrapping machine from the trigger pin side, install the machine on the pipe, then close the trigger pin.


Installing the wrapping tape on the roller releaser then adjusting the required tension. Adjusting the  roller and steerable wheel , lapping the tape with required lap width.

1.Installing the tape on the release roller③, adjusting tension adjuster until the elongation meet the requirements.

2.Adjusting angle between the steerable wheel④ and the pipe until the tape lapping width meet the requirements.

(Note: Lapping width  adjusting : Preliminary adjusting: Adjusting three pair of steerable wheel to the same angle, rolling the machine to make the step distance same as the lapping width . Fine adjusting: Installing the tape fine adjusting the required lapping width.

1.Adjusting the roller and release roller, making it reach the balance tension between the tape and the release roller ③, and the tape without wrinkle ,straight.

2.Adjusting the steerable wheel③,roller ② and release roller ③, to realize non wrinkle ,non bubble of the tape and the lapping width that required.


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