Ukraine Anti-corrosion Tape’s R&D And Production

- May 31, 2018 -

Title of the Project: Ukraine Anti-corrosion Tape’s R&D and production

Sino-Cooperator: Jining Xunda Pipe Coating Materials Co.,Ltd

Ukraine-Cooperator: "EVROCOR PLUS" Ltd.

Cooperation details:

Jining xunda pipe coating materials co.,ltd cooperated with "EVROCOR PLUS" Ltd. and develope one special anti corrosion tape.This tape can be used for the repair material for the -20℃ low temperature pipeline,it have good temperature resistant from -60℃ to 60℃.In order to deepen cooperation with "EVROCOR PLUS" Ltd. to get more big markets we xunda sign agreement with  "EVROCOR PLUS" Ltd. to transfer technology in October,2017


Filed test of -37℃ Ukraine pipeline project anti-corrosion tape


Factory test of 23℃ anti-corrosion tape

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