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Operating Instruction

Cold Applied Pipe Coating

1. The general provisions
1.1  The dew point temperature should be above 3 ℃  when making the anticorrosive coating
1.2  It’s not suitable to paint primer and wrap adhesive tape when there are no reliable protection measures under the condition of strong wind ……





Heat Shrinkable Pipe Coating

1. Surface Preparation
1.1 Clean the joint area (steel and adjacent pipe coating) with a solvent cleaner or electric brush to remove the presence of oil , grease , and other contaminants.
1.2 Ensure that the pipe is dry before blast cleaning (steel surface preparation is SIS-055900-SA2). Gently abrade the pipe coating adjacent to a distance of 50 mm (2) beyond each end. Then using wipe clean or air blast the steel and pipe coating to remove foreign contaminants ……