Visco Elastic Anti Corrosin Tape

Visco Elastic Anti Corrosin Tape

Viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape is designed for buried pipelines and other anticorrosive heterosexual devices such as flanges, valves, pumps and other research and design of a new anti-corrosion products. NTTD series of viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape has the advantages of simple and convenient construction, good sealing effect, long anti-corrosion life, complete environmental protection and the like, and is an ideal product for anti-corrosion protection.

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Product Details

Product Features Editor:

1.cold flow and self-healing function: This product is a never-viscous viscoelastic polymer, has a unique cold flow characteristics, so corrosion and repair process can be achieved in the self-healing function, to fully protect the effect .

2. Long-lasting: This product can completely prevent moisture intrusion, the complete elimination of microbial corrosion, has good chemical resistance, and no cathodic protection peel phenomenon, it has a unique long-lasting.

3. Excellent bonding performance: This product has a strong adhesive force, no priming primer, no off, no cracking, no hardening.

4. Simple construction: The product construction is relatively simple, and the surface treatment of the less demanding, manual rust to St2 level to meet the

5. Completely environmental protection: The materials used in this product are completely environmentally friendly, in line with the concept of modern anti-corrosion design.

Application areas:

1.Oil and gas pipeline coating repair.

2. 3PE coating damage repair.

3. Flanges, valves, pumps and other anti-corrosion protection of equipment.

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